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About Us

Vina Offshore Engineering is a leading fabrication and engineering company in Vietnam for Process Skids & Modules for the Marine, Offshore and Onshore oil & gas industries. Established in 1995, Vina Offshore is a 100% foreign investment. With a purpose-built fabrication and engineering complex with 60,000m² land area in Vung Tau, it is also strategically located at the water edge with a load-out facility of 10 MT/m² and 5,000 DWT jetty.

Our Vision

To be a world class and market leading turnkey EPC Company within the Oil & Gas industries.

Our Mission

Vina Offshore Engineering shall be the best reliable and competitive EPC contractor in Vietnam delivering all projects – meeting international Quality & Safety Standards within Schedule and Competitive Cost.

Quality Policy

  • Quality is our culture and it’s everyone’s responsibility.
  • Quality is integral part of our business.
  • Competency, attitude & responsibility is key to achieve quality.

HSE Policy

Vina Offshore have committed ourselves to the health and safety of our employees and the safeguard of the environment inside as well as outside area of operation.


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Areas of Specialization

Fabrication & Engineering Solutions

Rigging & Marine Equipment

Pressure Safety Valve Servicing

Rental Services

Testing Services

Port Services

Yard Overview

  • Open Fabrication Area 1
  • Open Fabrication Area 2
  • Open Fabrication Area 3
  • Open Fabrication Area 4

Yard Facilities

  • Port Code: VNXTS
  • Port Name: VINA OFFSHORE
  • Port Capacity: 3,000 DWT (As Designed)
  • Mooring Capacity: Vessel Load Capacity of 5,000 DWT
  • Jetty Length: 122m
  • Jetty At Zero Tide: 6.0m
  • Navigation Channel At Low Tide: 5.0m to 5.5m
  • Navigation Channel At High Tide: 8.0m to 8.5m
  • 20 Tons Gantry Crane
  • Workshop No. 1
  • Size: 48m (W) x 80m (L) x 23m (H)
  • Overhead Crane: 2 x 25 Tons
  • Workshop No. 2
  • Size: 15m (W) x 80m (L) x 9m (H)
  • Overhead Crane: 2 x 10 Tons
  • Workshop No. 3
  • Size: 25m (W) x 80m (L) x 9m (H)
  • Overhead Crane: 2 x 10 Tons
  • Workshop No. 4 (Stainless Steel Workshop)
  • Size: 18m (W) x 68m (L) x 9m (H)
  • Overhead Crane: 1 x 10 Tons and 1 x 5 Tons
  • Blasting & Painting Workshops
  • Workshop No. 5 & 6
  • Size: 38m (W) x 100m (L) x 10m (H)
  • Overhead Crane: 4 x 10 Tons

Accessory Distribution Services

Vina Offshore Engineering is a stockiest in Vietnam for essential products for the related industries.
  • Steel wire ropes
  • Shackles
  • Grade 80 Alloy chain & accessories
  • Chain blocks
  • Polyester webbing slings
  • Lifting hooks
  • Turnbuckles
  • Masterlinks
  • Wire rope sockets
  • Anchor chains
  • Other related lifting accessories

Rental Services

  • Power Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Scaffoldings
  • Welding Machines
  • Blasting Pots & Airless Spray Pumps
  • High Pressure Cleaning Machines
  • Certified Water Bags & Load Cells

Lifting Equipment Services

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection & Certification
  • Loose Lifting Gear Inspection & Certification
  • Conduct of Testing
  • Witness of Testing
  • Attest of Documents
  • Training Services

Manpower Services

  • Supervisors
  • Fitters, Welders, Riggers, Painters
  • E&I Technicians
  • Scaffolders
  • Crane Operators

Valve Services

  • Valve Servicing
  • Seat Refurbishment
  • Calibration
  • Safety Valve Pop-Test
  • Valve Re-Certification

Port Services

  • Our Cargo & Port Services Inland / International Transport Operations


  Vina Port Tariff (BẢNG KÊ GIÁ DỊCH VỤ CẢNG_E-V)

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